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Singapore FIFA Virtual Pro Association - Essentials


SGFIFAVP Essentials

1. All SGFIFAVP League and Cup tournaments are free-to-play unless indicated otherwise.

2. Teams will compete online in the latest EA Sports FIFA Pro Clubs mode via Friendly Matchup.

3. Each team requires a minimum of 3 players (Penta League), 5 players (Flexi League), or 7 players (Pro/Intermediate League) to play a match.

5.  No "Any" or Virtual Pro Glitching or Cheating is allowed in all our games.

6. Newly registered teams start the League off from Flexi/Penta Leagues.

7. All club managers are required to join our League Discord server (http://bit.ly/SGFIFAVPDiscord) to make match arrangements and submitting results.

8. Please respect your opponents, your club mates, and yourself. Fair play at all times.


For more details:

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